What Would Jesus Say

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Here’s the deal — sometimes (READ a lot of times) Christians give Jesus a bad name. And, that’s honestly the quickest way to push someone away from learning more about Jesus and His teachings. So, let’s blow open the lid on some common misconceptions about what would Jesus say about certain topics.

Why are Christians so judgy?

This is a great “what would Jesus say” question because, truth be told, He would (and did) tell his followers to not judge. In fact, Jesus said, “Is there anyone here who has never sinned? The person without sin can throw the first stone at this woman,” to a group of Pharisees, who wanted to stone her because she was caught in an act of adultery. But Jesus didn’t agree, and instead of condemning the woman, he replied, “…Neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin.” So, Jesus would ask us to show love, and not judge. But, still, why are some Christians so judgmental? Well, just because someone is a Christian doesn’t mean they lead a perfect, sinless life. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. To be brutally honest, there’s not a good explanation for why some Christians are super judgy. If you’re being a judgmental, you may want to check your heart and read about what Jesus would say if He were in your shoes.

Why do Christians still sin?

If they’re really a Christian they wouldn’t sin anymore, right? That line of thinking is oh-so wrong, and it causes a lot of confusion and frustration for both Christians and those who aren’t sure about Jesus. Believing and accepting Jesus is what makes you a Christian. The term “Christian” quite literally means “Christ follower.” It doesn’t imply that Christians are sinless. It’s very much the opposite. In spite of our sin, Christ still died to save each and every one of us. And, the belief in Jesus doesn’t mean that Christians are any less human. They’re imperfect beings just like the rest everyone else, and they definitely still sin.

What would Jesus say about the Old Testament?

If you’re just starting to learn about Jesus’ teachings (or even if you’ve been reading God’s Word for a while), the Bible can be incredibly confusing. Let’s start with why the heck is there an Old Testament and a New Testament if we don’t have to take seriously the Old one? Like, what?
Don’t worry. This is something that left a few people scratching the heads, hoping for clarification. But here’s the really short and simplified version: The Old Testament was written prior to when Jesus was crucified on the cross. You might hear this section of the Bible referred to as the “old covenant.” The New Testament was written after Jesus’ crucifixion and is known as the “new covenant.” Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, Christians are no longer bound by the laws of the Old Testament because His death freed us from those.