What is racial justice and how does the church play a role?

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Whether you’re a part of fighting for justice or not, there is no denying that it is a big part of life in 2020. From day-to-day life to the presidential election, the fight for racial justice is something that cannot be ignored; it is something you can choose to be a part of … or not.

America has a long history of racism that survives to this day. This is not to be a political statement but is an objective truth. This nation allowed slavery for hundreds of years. Then it allowed segregation. During World War II, the country locked up Americans of Japanese descent in camps but didn’t bat an eye at the ones of German descent.

Today, racism is not as bad as it once was. But this isn’t good enough. It still exists systematically, and it must be rooted out. People who are going to be prejudiced against others on a personal level will always be around and will always be hard to break through with, but the systems have changed and need to continue to change. The question is, what role will the church play in it?

The role of the church for racial justice

Every church, whether predominantly black or white, can play a role in seeking for racial justice in a peaceful way. Churches can play a role in racial justice through: 

  • Education — “What is racial justice?” is a trending search in Google this year. People want to know what it is and if they should be a part of it. The church can play a role by helping educate its congregation on the reality of existing racial injustice in America today and what resources there are that the church can use to help fight it.
  • Action — The church can be an avenue for taking action. It can host fundraisers, peaceful protests and other events to help fight against systemic racism and for the integrity and respect of every human being, regardless of race.
  • Reaction — The church can show the rest of the world how to react appropriately. Some people take advantage of racial strife to loot and burn. Some use it as an excuse to be physically violent. The church can take a peaceful stand and act as a leader for peace and equality in this nation and the world.

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