The wisdom of the Enneagram and Christianity

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Have you heard about this Enneagram thing? Yeah, we know it might just seem like another personality test that you can find on BuzzFeed, but it’s much more insightful than you may realize. The Enneagram is developed by professionals who have studied human behavior. It is a tool that provides everyday wisdom for those who want to learn more about themselves.

Why is the Enneagram important to Christians?

The Enneagram is a secular tool, but it has been making a lot of headway in Christian circles. One of the main reasons is because it is so useful in helping us grow as individuals, which is exactly part of what it means to be a Christian. 

The Enneagram breaks down personalities into nine distinct types. It goes into detail on each of these types on what drives them, what makes them happy, what they’re good at and what their flaws tend to be. Each of these types is paired with another type, known as a wing, which are other traits you are likely to have if there is anything in your main type that you feel doesn’t apply to you.

All in all, the Enneagram gives you a well-rounded opportunity to examine yourself and identify ways you want to grow. This is important to Christians because we strive to grow to become more like Jesus on a daily basis. 

Jesus was a perfect example of humanity at its finest. None of us will ever reach this level, but we can strive to be more like Him by becoming better versions of ourselves. Using the Enneagram, we can learn more about our flaws and how to work them out as we grow. 

Additionally, the Enneagram helps us understand other people, which helps us build stronger relationships in our communities.

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