It’s OK to not always feel the most spiritual

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Have you ever been to a church service and just felt tired or uninterested? Have you found yourself numbly mouthing along the lyrics during worship service? It’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just feeling a little spiritually dry.

God understands that we are incapable of always feeling spiritually high or enthusiastic. That’s why He made it important for us to take rest days. He even made it a commandment to keep a Sabbath day: a holy day of rest from which you do not labor or stress your mind. Our minds are not designed to just go and go and go.

Periods of low spirituality lead to highs

Just like a declining stock market almost always leads to a period of long and high growth, a period of low or dry spirituality can lead to a period of fruitfulness and joy. It just depends on what you do with it.

In the book of Exodus, God leads His people through the desert for 40 years before delivering them to the Promised Land. During this period of 40 years, they learned how to trust Him. He cared for them, and they grew closer to Him because of it.

When we go through periods of lows or spiritual dryness, we need to look for God in it. How is God teaching you at this moment? How is He showing Himself? How is He leading you to greener pastures? 

During these periods of lows, you can learn more about yourself and what you default to when you feel like you’re far from God. You can learn how to test your resolve and how to find hope when it seems distant or invisible. You can experience renewed joy when you find God and hope at the end of these periods of lowness.

Don’t for a moment think there is something wrong with you or that God is disappointed in you. Everyone goes through spiritual highs and lows. It’s how you handle both of them that defines who you become.

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