Four other major December holidays besides Christmas

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In December, many people around the world take time off from work and school to observe the holiday of Christmas. This tradition is important in many parts of the world, especially those heavily influenced by Western Christianity, such as Euruope or the United States of America. However, as much as some people like to pretend otherwise, Christmas is not the only important holiday in December. There are several other days in this month that are important.

Four other December holidays besides Christmas

  1. December 10-18, 2020: Hanukkah — Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the Maccabean revolt in Egypt. This festival takes place over eight days, each during which a candle is lit in remembrance on a candleholder known as a menorah.
  2. December 21: winter solstice — The winter solstice can be celebrated by anyone in a practical sense, but on a spiritual level, it’s most important to Wiccans and pagans. This is the day of the year at which the earth is farthest away from the sun. This date kicks off the ancient festival of Yuletide, which celebrates the solstice through the beginning of January. It’s worth noting that modern Christmas celebrations borrow a lot from Yuletide festivities, including the use of lights and trees and the giving of gifts.
  3. December 26: Kwanzaa — Kwanzaa is the youngest of these holidays but is very important to many people. It is a celebration that has African roots and is primarily observed by African Americans. It takes place from December 26 through January 1 to honor the harvest festival traditions from various parts of Africa. 
  4. December 26: Zarathosht Diso — Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest surviving monotheistic religions. It makes sense to follow the youngest celebration with the oldest one. That’s right: Older than Christmas and even older than Yuletide is Zarathosht Diso. This is the day of the year during which Zoroastrians honor the death of the prophet Zarathstra. 

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