Five ways on how to challenge yourself

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Looking to make a change in life or to improve yourself in some way? It’s easy to say you want change or improvement, but it’s another to actually do it. 

We think making changes and improvements in life should be goals on everyone’s list. If you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself and make an improvement in your life, take a look below for some ideas that can help.

Five ways to challenge yourself

  1. Read something different — Many of us have certain authors or genres of books that we gravitate toward. You can challenge the way you think by reading something new and different than what you would typically read. For example, if you like reading science fiction for the most part, try reading something different like an autobiography of an important historical figure next.
  2. Meet new people — Get out of your comfort zone and meet some new people. There are probably many in your own neighborhood you’ve never met or haven’t talked to much. Getting to know more people in your neighborhood, in your workplace, or in a cafe you frequent can help you expand your worldview and even lead to new friendships.
  3. Declutter your life — Is your closet full of clothes you hardly ever wear? Do you have a lot of clutter in your home that you are keeping for no apparent reason? It might be time to bag it all and take it to a thrift store. Decluttering your life like this can be healthy for your mental health by making life feel more simple.
  4. Exercise — Physical activity releases chemicals in your body that induce positive sensations. Spend some time exercising to help improve your mental health and your physical health too!
  5. Get away from the screen — Schedule time every week (or even every day if you’re especially motivated) to get away from the screen and do something creative or simply relax. This means you should set some time to get away from the TV, the computer, the smartphone, and any other digital form of entertainment or communication.

    During these times, you might discover something new about yourself or reward yourself with relaxation you may not have noticed you needed.

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