Five personal growth goals that should be on your list

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The ironic thing about discussing personal growth goals is that by their very nature, your goals are personal and don’t need to be dictated by another person. However, collectively, mankind has learned some things that we can do to grow as people to become more mature, happier and more successful. Anyone looking to grow should take a moment to reflect on some of these goals and decide how they can play out in their own lives.

Five examples of personal growth goals

  1. Become more confident — Becoming confident isn’t something that happens at will, but it should be a goal of yours. Your self-esteem, or self-confidence, basically represents how you view yourself. It is how competent you think you are in dealing with life, and how you feel about your happiness and success. Improving your confidence can help you be more successful and content in life.
  2. Stop procrastinating — Procrastination is a habit, not a personality trait. Many of us develop the habit of procrastination as a learned behavior for coping with stress or fear. Make it a priority to unlearn procrastination and learn how to make better use of your time.
  3. Learn to listen — When talking with others, it’s important to actively listen and try to understand what they are saying. Often, when talking with others, we listen for buzzwords or ideas so we can formulate a response. Instead, be conscious of actually taking in the words of the other person, and try to understand what they are saying from their point of view instead of focusing on how you would like to respond.
  4. Become more proactive — When life is hard or things feel unfair, many of us give into complaining and avoidance. Instead, you should stop identifying yourself as a victim and start taking responsibility for your life and dictating your own fate. We’re not saying it will be easy or that some people don’t have more obstacles than others, but if there is a life you want for yourself, you will never get it by complaining or avoiding the hard things that will make you better.
  5. Think outside the box — We realize that writing “think outside the box” is a cliche and is the very definition of not thinking outside the box, but it’s an effective way to introduce this point, so there. People often limit themselves because of their beliefs or their worldview. It keeps them from trying new things or taking risks. It can even keep them from connecting with other people who are slightly different on the surface.We all need to learn how to think outside the box and overcome our limiting beliefs so we can learn new things in life, including how to grow as a person.

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