Clinging to the spiritual meaning of Easter amid the rabbits and eggs

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If you’ve been in a supermarket or mall anytime in March and April, then you’ve probably seen all of the chocolate eggs, chocolate bunny rabbits, marshmallow eggs and the giant, terrifying rabbit-people on whom parents place their children for photos and a developing sense of trauma … you know, Easter. 

However, none of this is what Easter is really about.

Yes, it’s fun and cute to hide eggs in the yard for the kids to find, and yes, it’s fun for the children to eat way too much candy and go crazy and then crash hard, but Easter is rooted in something much more meaningful and powerful. Easter is rooted in the divinity of Jesus.

What is the spiritual meaning of Easter?

The Easter season is celebrated because Jesus came back from death. By doing so, He proved His divinity to many witnesses who affirm this truth. This is a cause for celebration because His resurrection validates that Jesus was who He said He was and gives hope to His promises for His followers. 

When we celebrate Easter, it’s important to take a moment, both personal and with other people, to reflect on the significance of the Resurrection. 

Ways to keep the spiritual meaning of Easter important in your life

  • Acknowledge the distractions — Identify what’s fun to keep in the holiday season and what’s distracting from the true purpose of Easter. We encourage you not to make this a legalistic ritual but to truly identify what’s important to you and your family.
  • Have children do a spiritually themed Easter hunt — Instead of hiding eggs in random spots, create a scavenger hunt with stations and themes related to the Easter story. You can still include snacks in the scavenger hunt for the kids to enjoy while they discover something more valuable.
  • Gather the family for Scripture reading during Easter week — You and your family can keep Jesus in your minds and hearts by reading from Scripture together every night during Easter week. 

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At Unfiltered Radio, we don’t think it’s wrong for families to have fun and hide Easter eggs on the lawn, but we think you’re missing out on something truly wonderful if you don’t take the time to reflect on the spiritual meaning of Easter. Check out our podcast where we talk about the significance of Jesus’ resurrection and what it means to try to be an authentic follower of Him.