Your sense of self-worth is more important than you might realize

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When you think of yourself, what comes to mind? Do you like the person you’re thinking of? Do you feel like they’re deserving of love? Do you feel like they’re valuable as a person? If your thoughts about yourself are negative and you don’t think well of yourself, you might have a low sense of self-worth.

Every now and then, most of us will encounter moments of low self-worth or self-esteem, but some of us can feel trapped in this sensation for long periods of time. The problem with this is that a low sense of self-worth has long-lasting negative effects on your mental health, leading to anxiety and depression. It can also affect your physical well-being with stress.

Improving your sense of self-worth

No single person is the same as another, so there is no formula or checklist for improving your self-worth. However, there are some general tips that are helpful for many people looking to improve their personal outlook of themselves, including:

  • Stop comparing yourself ⁠— One of the main reasons people have a low sense of self-worth is because they compare themselves to others and determine that they fall short. It’s important to stop feeling like you’re not good enough because someone else has nicer clothes or a nicer car or has more money, etc. You are you, and your measure of success needs to be your own.
  • Do what you love ⁠— Is there something you’re passionate about, or do you have a hobby you’d love to pursue? Well, don’t hold back. When you find activities that make you feel better about yourself, don’t worry if a few people will think they’re weird. Expressing yourself and pursuing your interests goes far in improving your self-worth.
  • Think about what’s good ⁠— You’ve probably heard it said that nobody is a greater critic of you than yourself. This is almost always true for everyone. We’re too frequently hard on ourselves in ways we would never be hard on others. Ease up on yourself when you make mistakes. Spend more time thinking about what’s good about you, even if it seems small and insignificant.
  • Visit a professional for help ⁠— Too many people are afraid or unwilling to visit a therapist or counselor because of cultural taboo. For too long has our culture made it seem like visiting a professional for mental health care means something is wrong with us. However, this taboo is slowly declining as more people are accepting that mental health care is just as important as physical health care. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to visit a professional for help. It could be the best decision you ever make for improving your sense of self-worth.

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