Your Children Mirror What You Model.

Bryant Golden Blog

So, quick thought for parents in the middle of raising little angry houseguests (I mean…incredible gifts from God).

It’s so easy to become obsessed with teaching behavior to our kids that we undervalue the role of modeling behavior for our kids.

One of the areas where I see a disconnect the most is in the area of authority. Every parent is big on teaching their kids to obey their authority. It comes out in phrases like “Because I said so,” “Do it the first time,” “I’m the parent.” A vein started popping out of my neck as I typed that!

But a disconnect can come in our own response to authority. As adults it is so easy to dismiss authority over us while simultaneously trying to teach it to our children. We somehow think we outgrow it. We are smarter. We know better. (Sound familiar?) Consequently, if we don’t agree, don’t like it, or don’t want it – we dismiss it. Whether it’s a supervisor, a principle, or a country ordinance. That dynamic has been more prevalent this last year. It has been so easy to ignore authority simply because we don’t like it.

Problem is you can’t disconnect what you teach from what you model. In fact, what you model will override what you teach every single time.

Truth is…

Your Children Mirror What You Model.

And the moment you model for your kids that you can dismiss authority because you don’t agree with it – expect that same behavior to be mirrored back to you in the years ahead. And remember, they learned that from you! I know, it’s a punch in the gut but I have to constantly remind myself that is the reality.

Make sure you are modeling what you want your kids to mirror.