What to do when it is hard to trust God

Bryant Golden Blog

Difficult times will come; in fact, God never promised that this life would be easy. We get things twisted when we start believing that God is a genie up in the sky pouring out our wish list because, you know, we do good and stuff. Nope. That’s not who God is. 

Nowhere in the Bible will you actually find God saying, “OK, believe in Me and the universe will suddenly bring you all the comforts you could possibly want.” Where did this idea come from? Well, probably that late-night binge of televangelism offering you blessings in exchange of your paycheck. Or perhaps a self-help guru telling you the universe will give it to you if you just believe. God doesn’t work like that. You can’t buy your Creator with good works, a wink and a bag of coins.Seriously, is that who you’d want to follow anyway? That guy would betray you for the highest bidder. 

Look, I get it. Sometimes life gets downright awful. Our health takes a turn, the word “cancer” shakes most of us to the core, unemployment is terrifying and relationships are just messy. We’ve been told all our lives that God’s got this. If you’re like me, maybe you fell into this trap of believing that “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” Ever heard that one before? Well it isn’t true. It’s not Scripture. 

Scripture is full of instances where God gave faithful people, men and women, much more than their fair share. Moses had to cross a desert with hungry, thirsty and an often-ungrateful crowd. Mary, an unwed teenager, was given the responsibility to birth and raise the Son of God. The apostles were told to take the gospel to the ENTIRE world, a mission the church is still working on more than 2,000 years later. Jesus, God’s own Son, ended up on a cross. Yes, He rose from the dead three days later, but regardless, crucifixion is not a choice I’d take if there were a way out.

Some of the above never wavered in their faith. Some asked for a way out but were told to press forward.  

Moses questioned God constantly. But he never walked away. Sometimes, like Moses, we simply need a reminder of why God is worthy of our trust. Moses had to learn this lesson a number of times. 

First, Moses questioned God’s choice of him in the first place. He felt inadequate to lead God’s people and had to be reminded by God that he was chosen. You and I are also chosen, created specifically for this moment in history. You were beautifully and wonderfully made, equipped for every good work. 

Next, Moses turned on God when the people complained because Pharaoh would not let them go (Exodus 5:22). What is beautiful about this passage is that God listens to Moses get all of that frustration out. Only after hearing Moses out does God speak and remind him of why he should trust God. You see, the trials that were about to befall Pharaoh would later be reminders to the Israelites as they wandered the desert. They needed Pharaoh to first say no so that when they felt defeated they could look back and say, “Remember when God …” 

When you are going through a hard time, look to your own past and remember all of the ways that God has shown up already. Make a list. Keep it where you have easy access to it. Be honest with God about your feelings and your hurt, and ask to be reminded why you should trust. God will answer with a memory, a word from a friend, a Scripture or story that comes to mind, or perhaps in the quiet and beauty of a morning sunrise, a cup of coffee, the sound of breath. 

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