What does “faith expressing itself through love” actually mean?

Bryant Golden Blog

Once we accept Jesus’ unconditional love for us, we are begin healing. We begin to feel accepted. Worthwhile. Secure. We stop looking to everyone and everything to make us feel okay. We look to Jesus. And this allows us to love and to serve others. We are whole people. We are forgiven. We are free. And we use our freedom to care for other people. See, when we are so focused on protecting ourselves and getting what we deserve, then we are freed up to protect others and to meet their needs.
Some of us say we believe in Jesus and all that He represents. We say He’s changed our lives and forgiven us. But we don’t really believe it because we are still holding on to grudges and regrets. And consequently, we are truly loving and serving.
So basically, your horizontal relationships are the best indicator for where your vertical relationship is. This doesn’t mean Jesus loves you more or less based on how you treat people. What it does mean is the extent to which you feel free to love and to serve others reveals how free you feel in your relationship with Jesus. If you believe He’s truly forgiven you, you are willing to wrestle through the forgiveness process for someone else. If you believe He came running after you when you were at your worst, you won’t withhold love from someone else. Your faith in your Savior will propel you to love just as your lack of faith in your Savior will keep you from loving.