Six ways to grow in your personal spirituality

Bryant Golden Blog

In Christian circles, we frequently hear people talk about spiritual growth. But, have you really reflected on what this means? 

The Christian understanding of spirituality is essentially being in relationship with the Lord. So, when it comes to spiritual growth, what we really mean is growing closer to God.

Six ways to grow closer to God

  1. Spend time in the Word — The Bible is at the core of many people’s Christian faith. It is the recorded story of God and His followers, and it’s crucial to helping us understand more about who He is and how He interacts with us.

Set aside a little time every day to read a few passages from the Bible. At first, this might only be a few minutes a day, but as you grow, you may find yourself wanting to spend more and more time in the Word.

  1. Study a book of the Bible in depth — Pick a book of the Bible and study it more in depth. Explore the meanings of words, explore the cultural and historical context and dive more into what the author himself is trying to communicate.

    There are plenty of resources like commentaries available to help you dive deeper into Scripture.
  2. Take responsibility for your growth — Pastors, teachers and other leaders are in the positions they’re in to help you grow closer to God. But, ultimately, this is not their responsibility. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your pursuit of the Lord.

Others play a role in it, but you cannot hold anyone else accountable but yourself if you don’t make the time to pursue the Lord.

  1. Find fellowship — God is a relational being and He designed us to be in relationship with others. We are meant to exist in fellowship with other Christians who help us grow. Christians can hold each other accountable, pray for one another, take care of one another and celebrate with each other.
  2. Keep a journal — Every time you read the Bible or, perhaps, once a week, you should record your thoughts in a journal. Write down key observations and make note of any questions you may have. You should also write about if what you’ve read has changed the way you pray or interact with God in any way.

    Reflecting on what you journal can be a good way to visibly see how you grow over time.
  3. Pray, pray, pray — Prayer is the way that we talk to God and listen to Him. It’s important to include this in our everyday lives if we want to grow closer to Him. If you’re not comfortable praying, find someone who is and ask them if you can pray together. After some practice, you may find it’s easier to do on your own. After all, the Holy Spirit is with you when you pray and He helps you draw closer to Him if that is what you want. 

At Unfiltered Radio, we try to grow closer to God every day. We recognize that the Holy Spirit plays a role in drawing us near, but it’s up to us to respond to and pursue Him. Check out our podcast series to learn more about what it’s like to pursue God and spiritual growth.