Holding on to hope for the future during times of uncertainty

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The year 2020 has been rough. Worse for some than others, but all of us have had to deal with new challenges and struggles this year.

Working from home … or losing a job. Paying rent. Going out for food when you’re at high risk for illness. 

And those are just struggles related to COVID-19. 

What about the many issues regarding racism and its rampant resurgence in our country? What about the seemingly deepest political divide we’ve seen since the Civil War? What about the upcoming election and all the stress and issues surrounding it?

Yes, 2020 has been very hard and it makes it hard for people to hold on to hope that God has a good future in store for us. We believe that now is not the time to lose hope, but it is the time to hold on to it harder than ever.

Holding on to hope for the future

When you think about the future, try to picture it seeing God’s love and grace. The future is unpredictable, and you might not see any good in where it’s heading, but if you can remember that God loves us and wants good for us, you might be able to see more of the good in the world that is happening.

For example:

  • Pollution is dropping.
  • Fundraising for health care is growing.
  • Koalas are being released back into the wild.
  • Scientists have nearly figured out how to harness sustainable, clean nuclear energy.

The world has been through many ups and downs, and 2020 is just another down period if you only focus on the negatives. However, there are good things happening and there will be good things in the future. Just remember that God is good and try to see where the good is if you want to hold on to hope.

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