God loves sex and so should you

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The Bible tells us more than 100 times to not be afraid. This is told to many different people in many different situations in many different lifetimes throughout the thousands of years the Bible covers. It’s safe to say, that with the Almighty on the side of his creation and all that is good, there is nothing that should frighten us.

So, why is it we’re so afraid of sex?

Everything about sex. Saying the word. The act of it. The thought of it. Talking about it.

As a Christian culture, we have a fear of sex thanks to our keen awareness of the dangers of unhealthy sex. However, God created sex to be good. He loves it and so should you.

The issue is not sex

God created sex and God created romance. It wasn’t an accident — it was part of His plan. From the beginning of creation, we know, “man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24). Other passages talk about enjoying sex with your partner and not to deny your partner their pleasures.

So if sex isn’t bad, what’s the issue?

Well, it’s us. People abuse sex for all of the wrong reasons, and this has permeated human cultures across the globe for thousands of years. We have a fear of sex because we’ve seen how poorly it’s been treated and we don’t want any of that in our lives.

Unfortunately, when we avoid the subject, we open up the doors for more damage.

Regret-proof your marriage bed

Community is vital to the Christian’s life. Whether it’s with God, with your church or with your spouse, you need a space where you can open up about your sexual concerns. Many of us carry a lot of fears or baggage when it comes to sex. This isn’t anything that we should have to deal with alone.

Your marriage bed shouldn’t be a place riddled with fear and regret. It should be a place of rest, peace and celebration with your partner. At Unfiltered Radio, we’re not afraid to talk about sex and other uncomfortable topics. Talking about these topics is paramount to overcoming the obstacles we face in them. Join us for our Swipe Right series to learn more about God, the Bible and healthy sex.