Does prayer work and does God need our prayers?

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One of the core aspects of many faiths is prayer. Yet prayer can also be one of the most difficult aspects of faith to grasp.

Often, it feels like we don’t get the answers we want or that no one is listening at all. We understand this can be difficult and frustrating, but if you’re wondering if prayer works, we encourage you to change the way you think about it.

Many people approach prayer as a transaction. It is seen as an act of requesting something from God or making a deal with Him. We think this is not what God intended from us in prayer, especially when we look at the Psalms and see the prayers and songs by those simply pouring themselves out to God. And that’s what prayer ultimately is: pouring yourself out to God.

Prayer is a dialogue

Too often, we forget that God primarily wants us to experience a relationship with Him. And in a relationship, communication is key. Think of your friends. It would probably be hard to maintain a relationship with them if we didn’t talk with them. It’s the same way with God.

We often come to God with questions or praise, but we can simply pray just to seek on improving our relationship with Him. 

Prayer is active

Prayer is more than lip service to God during designated times, such as before a meal. Prayer is any action when it is done in a spirit of praise, worship, service or thanksgiving. In these actions, God’s goodness is seen and felt by us, by those around us and by God.

Prayer is healthy

Rather than approaching prayer as a transaction or request, we can do it simply as a meditation. When we pray simply to spend time acknowledging God’s presence or seeking a connection with Him, we can improve our mental and spiritual well-being. Even if we have any questions or don’t get answers to the questions we do have, spending time with God in prayer can simply be good for us.

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